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Best Food ProcessorLooking for the best food processor? We’re hoping that this site can assist you in finding it. We started it because we saw the need for a site that collected information about food processors from all the major brands, in one convenient spot.

A food processor is must have small appliance for anyone who wants to spend more hours in the dinner table and less time on jobs like making use of a knife to chop, slice, or dice, or spoon blending a dip. It truly is a tool made to make insistent kitchen actions go very quickly.

Whether or not you want create a creamy pesto, mince herbs for custom seasonings to chop vegetables for salsa, or even puree fruits and vegetables into baby food, a food processor can quickly manage these forms of food preparation and much more.

Food Processor ReviewsIs it possible to eventually become a better host or hostess, serve food and appetizer creations that you may actually be pleased with, and love the look of your kitchen all while saving energy and time? With the food processor that is right, you might be surprised what you’ll be able to accomplish in the kitchen. Use our guide to assist you in finding the best food processor for your needs.

There are dozens of brands on the market right now, but we’ve chosen to focus on the most popular ones. We think that between these few brands there has to be a suitable product, no matter what features or benefits you’re looking for.

Further down on this page you’ll find a buyer’s guide that introduces some basic concepts about food processors, what to think of before buying and where you can find them at the lowest possible prices. Check it out if you want some more info to base your buying decision on.

Sometimes we feel a bit reluctant to cook just because we think about the many ingredients that need to be finely chopped, kneaded, sliced, and grated before we even put it in a cooker or oven. But with the help of modern food processor, you don’t even have to think about all those troubles. A food processor can do all the chopping, slicing, pureeing, kneading, cutting, grinding, grating, and shredding for you quickly and perfectly.

Food processors come in various types and features, but today these machines mostly powered by electricity. Before you buy a food processor, it’s best if you think about your needs and what you will be using the machine for mostly. This way, you won’t regret about buying an appliance that only helps a little with your tasks in the kitchen, also you won’t end up buying a machine with a bunch of features that you actually don’t need.

Top Rated 10 Food Processor Reviews

There are various models available in the market today with various sizes, functions, and price range. You can browse the internet to find information about these products to make comparisons and help you make the right decision. For your consideration, here’s some of the top rated food processors you can find in the market:

Black & Decker FP1600B

The Black & Decker FP1600B Food Processor is a basic, no frills machine. It’s very good for chopping, dicing, mincing, slicing, etc. this 8-cup food processor is exceptionally simple to clean. Thus, bring home the FP1600B and save both your own time plus effort.

If you are thinking of purchasing one of these little food cleavers, stepping up to this version rather is a clever pick, you will get more bang for the dollar, it’s more versatile and can do a lot more and furthermore they cost just about the exact same price.

You also do not need to mix dough and if you are searching for an affordable fundamental food processor and can live with the sound it makes, then this perhaps the machine for you.Check Price On Amazon

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC

The Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor is a wildly popular food processor among budget -conscious home cooks round the nation.

The Cuisinart DLC-2ABC is first and foremost from a reputable brand and second-most, among the best there’s on the market. It’s nice simple design with buttons that are huge proves for easy use.

Helping you to design the best pastes, sauces and grounded foods. The bowl is dishwasher safe as well as the appliance comes apart for easy cleaning. Overall it’s a bet mini food processor i think.Check Price On Amazon

Cuisinart DLC-10S Pro Classic

The Cuisinart DLC-10S is a large step up from your fundamental food cleavers, also it offers some fine features with no giant price tag of the high end machines.

A perfect addition for any kitchen, it will speed up various tasks you need to do in your kitchen including mixing batters, mincing garlic and parsley, shredding vegetables, meat, and cheese, emulsifying mayonnaise, kneading dough, also various other chopping and slicing tasks.

It comes with a 7 cup work bowl that will be more than enough for most family kitchen, also has a pulse control to set the level of fineness when pureeing and chopping.

It provides basic attachments for kneading, mixing, chopping, shredding, and slicing. It’s easy to use and clean, also built with BPA free materials.

This version is a 7-cup food processor that includes accessories for chopping, slicing, shredding, blending, and kneading. It also includes a level cover for processing without the feed tube and has an extra wide feed chute.

All in all it’s great for tasks like chopping vegetables, making peanut butter, or hummus. It has a small footprint and is simple to use includes all the accessories that are most used.Check Price On Amazon

Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB Prep 9-cup food processor

The Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB is a compact food processor that is not large enough to fit on any countertop. However, in spite of its small size, it has plenty of power to slice, dice and puree whatever you want, both efficiently and immediately.

This food processor is equipped with a powerful motor to quickly chops, purees, dices and slices. It provides a largebest food processor 9-cup work bowl so you can prepare a whole meal easily from scratch. It also provides a large feed tube that can process a significant amount of fruits and vegetables continuously.

This Cuisinart 9 Cup Food Processor is among the best food processors in the market today. It is among probably the simplest and the most powerful, handy to use and clean up. Making the Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB a part of your kitchen gear would only support you to cook at home because it simply makes cooking a pleasure.

Other accessories you will get when you purchase this food processor are plastic spatula, a detachable disc stem, a dough blade, a chopping blade, a stainless shredding disc, and a stainless medium slicing disc. You will also get how-to DVD and a recipe book. This appliance is very compact and suitable on any countertop.

You should consider this DLC-2009CHB, if you are trying to find a food processor that has a compact footprint, but still has the electricity for processing most foods without difficultly.Check Price On Amazon

Hamilton Beach 70670 Chef Prep

If you’d like a nicely-equipped kitchen afterward the Hamilton Beach 70760 Food Processor is critical. With the cutting blade that is powerfull you are able to puree, chop, mince and mix.

With the Hamilton Beach 70760 you can slice, shred, crinkle cut and great shred together with the help of the 2 discs that are reversible. It has a very big working bowl (10-cup in size), 2 speeds and the pulse option which will give you maximum versatility.

It’s a decent workhorse and can handle and process a standard quantity of food. This really is the right food machine for you if you are searching for a “general” processor at an excellent price.Check Price On Amazon

Ninja BL700 Kitchen System 1200

This blender food processor set is equipped with 1100 watts of power, it will be very helpful for all your food processing and blending needs including to make dough.

Ninja Kitchen System 1200 is a professional grade blender food processor that can do almost anything you can think of a food processor can do. You can use it to knead dough into pizzas, breads, cookies and pretzels, blend fruits and vegetables to make smoothies, even to crush ice into snow.

It comes with total crushing technology that gives it extra power to crush ice as well as various other ingredients in seconds.Check Price On Amazon

Cuisinart BFP-603 SmartPower Deluxe Blender and Food Processor

Cuisineart is a respected name in the food processor market, you can be sure to get a good quality product if you choose this brand.

The BFP-603 brings you a set of blender/food processor, providing you with dual functionality of blender and food processing in one machine.

It comes with some useful food processing attachments including a stainless steel chopping blade, a reversible slicing disc, and a feed tube with pusher.

It has 4 speed options that you can set using touchpad controls with blue indicators.Check Price On Amazon

DeLonghi 9-Cup Capacity Food Processor with Integrated Blender

Food processor with dual functions that includes a 40 ounce blender. Equipped with stainless steel thick and fine slicing/shredding discs, dough tool, and stainless steel chopping blade, this machine can do various tasks perfectly.

Rotation and power can be easily adjusted based on your preference on both devices with its patented dual drive system.

There are 2 speeds and pulse options to accommodate different recipes. It will help you to easily and quickly prepare various fresh meals for your family.Check Price On Amazon

Popular Brand

Black & Decker

Black And Decker is another famous brand that’s involved in just about every home appliance category. They’re focused on making budget appliances, so don’t expect as high quality as with more expensive brands.

That said, they do have some models that seem quite good, so don’t discard them until you’ve done some research. Don’t forget that for the money you save by choosing a budget brand you can buy other useful things for your kitchen, so it never hurts to be cautious of spending.

Main Types

Food processors conveniently come in several sizes to meet every culinary need to large batch processing from easy dinner preparation. While time saving is the most significant reason to be in possession of a food processor of any size, a compact processor is not only a time-saver but is more versatile for making quick meals. You will also use it more often than you would a larger unit.

The Types of Food Processor vary on number of attachments that the buyer wants. To acquire. But also the types differ in the Capacity, Power and Speeds that they need.

There are mini versions of food processors, as well as the larger versions, and capacities range from 0.8L to 3L. Obviously the capacity needed will reflect how much food is usually prepare.

The power in Watts of the food processor reflects how well it can break down food, so the higher the power, the more efficient the machine will be. A good number of Power watts will be 400.

Food processors come with varying speeds: One Speed to automatic selection without a pulse and Variable speeds give you even more control, and an automatic option will select the best speed for you.

Top Food processor

Substantial food processors definitely fill a demand that is greater but they demand appreciable counter space and more cleaning and set-up time, making them adaptable for 1 or 2 cup food preparation. That being said, a sizable food processor would be better to slice cucumbers for 12 or more quarts of pickles. For such endeavors, big processors enable uniform slicing at record speeds, saving energy plus time.

To the counter, a 1, 2 or 3-cup food processor takes very little room with a tiny footprint so you can keep it handy for everyday use. Keeping it conveniently located means you’ll use it for even the smallest endeavor with no set-up needed. Personal food blenders /processors are often more streamlined, but usually have less features than processors that are modest.

Benefits of Food Processors

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The food processor is arguably the most versatile and useful tool you can have in your kitchen. It saves an enormous amount of time when it comes to preparing food, and helps you do a variety of tasks such as slicing, grinding, chopping, shredding and lots more. It makes preparing food a breeze, and lets you focus your energy on more important things.

Food processors can prepare a wide range of foods, including nuts, fruits, meats, dough, vegetables etc. Whether you’re making a salad, baking bread or a delicious salsa, the food processor will help you greatly.

They can also be quite helpful for menial kitchen tasks related to cooking. For example, don’t you hate chopping onions? The food processor will do that for you, no problem. Many food processors come with different work bowl and blade sizes, so you don’t have to use a large bowl for small, easy tasks.

How to choose the best food processor

Preparing food in the kitchen admittedly is a task that takes a great deal of time and effort especially if food is cooked for special occasions or if you just really want to share your cooking prowess to family and friends. One of the best kitchen innovations that has had many happier when food preparation is needed is the handy food processor.

Many still have their minds a bit confused with a blender and a food processor, essentially both can be consider synonymous with both having the ability to slice and dice food into easier pieces to handle. What makes the food processor different from a regular blender is how versatile it has become and how much power it has, blenders mostly involve getting ingredients mixed well together while a processor can also provided options of precise food preparation including churning, pureeing and chopping.

How Food Processors are made to operate

Initially food processors were made to make very basic meal preparations become easier and convenient like that of chopping up some onions and garlic, which commonly make your eyes tear up and even leave a pungent smell on your hands. With the advancement of technology and more brilliant ideas from food processor makers, some models are already equipped with more tasks that can be done through using a food processor.

Recent improvements for food processors include the all-in-one capability that only requires a user to flip different blades so the food processor can do other tasks like mixing dough, purees and even mixing of ingredients. Having a food processor has not only lessened the hassle but it has also been able to reduce the cost and expenses since it can already do a number of tasks that other kitchen units can do.

Factors to consider when choosing the right food processor for you

If you are thinking of getting a food processor of your own it is very important to know some basic ideas to consider before ultimately purchasing a unit that you want, especially since this will definitely become an investment that you would want to keep for quite some time in your kitchen.

  • Size

A good consideration when buying a food processor is its size, when you are the type to prepare food in bigger portions it would be best to purchase a food processor that is big enough for you to prepare the dishes that you usually make. If you are the type however to mostly cook for yourself then a smaller unit would be the best buy for you.

  • Type of food

Other than size it is also important to see the many different features of a food processor, if you are the type who mostly prepare more meats and veggies, you can opt for a unit that does more preparation options like chopping and dicing. If you also consider juicing, baking and other kitchen processes to be useful then you can opt for units that are considered to be all-in-one in nature.

  • Power

Lastly you also have to consider how powerful it is especially when you plan to use it a lot in the kitchen. The more power it can provide for you the more you will be able to finish your cooking tasks.

For more information about the best selling Food Processor Models and a side-by-side comparison chart,please check this page.

How To Choose The Right Food Processor?

There are a few things you should consider before you go out and buy a food processor. First of all, you need to consider your requirements regarding capacity. Do you often cook for a lot of people, or do you usually just cook for 1 or 2? Our recommendation is to always go with a slightly bigger model than you think you need, so you don’t have to feel limited later on.

You also need to figure out how much power you need. The power of the motor is measured in watts and is usually between 300 and 1000 watts. How much you need depends on the jobs you’re planning to use it for. For example, making bread dough requires a lot more power than mixing liquids.

There are other things to consider as well, like ease of use, how difficult it is to clean, and what accessories are available. Not to mention the quality and durability of it, which you can often get a feel for by reading user reviews online from people who have used their food processor for a few years.

Once you get to know your food processor, you will find it is more than only a vegetable chopper, although it might seem a little intimidating at first to have so several choices.

Some tips about purchasing a Food Processor:


Buy a size to meet your requirements. Many families got two sizes of processors, a compact unit that is handily located in addition to a larger model they take out for occasional use. In the event that you don’t process big food batches, a 1- 2 cup plus a 5 -6 cup food processor may meet all your requirements.

How enormous you go depends on what you want to do with your food processor. Would you like a quicker approach to dice and slice veggies for soups or salads? Grating cheese? Kneading dough? Mincing herbs? Capacity, or the size, of the food processor will depend upon your recipe demands. A mini food processor, or food chopper, would be perfect for small portions, chopping nuts, or mincing garlic. A sizable capacity would be acceptable for family size portions, and an extra-large ability would work best for somebody who entertains a lot or caters.

Please note a producer’s listed bowl size doesn’t translate into the precise amount of ingredients you may add at once. Food Processors generally hold a cup or two less than the bowl size, and less than that (approximately half) for liquid contents.


In regards to choosing a food processor, there are a couple of crucial design components to look at before making your choice:

  • Weight: Be sure to select a layout that has a hefty chassis. This can stop the food processor from “walking” on the counter when the blades get whirling.
  • Wide feed tube: Youwill need to make sure that you can fit bigger items, like whole tomatoes and potatoes, down the feed tube without slicing the. In case you need to quit and cut up food to fit the feed tube down, it defeats the objective of conserving time.
  • Safety features: Be sure that the bowl of the unit locks into the bottom, and also the cover locks securely to the top of the bowl. Also ensure the blades cannot until the whole processor is locked into position, turn.
  • Simple controls: Most models have a couple of speeds to select from. Ensure that the controls are simple to use, and the surface is not difficult to clean.
  • Quiet process: Some models feature silent operation great for smaller houses with children.
  • Versatility: Check that the food processor will accept kids or that it either comes with extra blades of distinct sizes and styles.


Food processors come in a wide selection of sizes. You will find everything from little three-cup units for chopping small quantities of food to 20-cup professional grade designs which have functions more speeds and fasteners to pick from. In this case, size does matter. Too little and you also won’t be able to use your food processor; overly enormous, and may have an appliance taking up too much counter space. Following is an easy guide to assist you decide on the size that is right:

  • Should you normally cook for a few folks, a tiny food processor with a one- to four-cup capacity might be just good.
  • For families of four to six folks, look for medium-sized units with a capacity of six to eight cups.
  • Should you cook for groups of seven or more, you should think about a larger unit with 10 or more cups of capacity.

Keep two things in mind before you decide when it comes to capacity. First, a lot of individuals will keep a little, three-cup food processor convenient for everyday use. Afterward, the people’ll choose a unit that is larger for those special needs. Also, in case you go too little, you might need to do multiple batches, which reduces the time-saving advantage of a food processor. You might also look for a unit which comes with two bowls– a smaller bowl for ordinary use, and a larger one for recipes that are bigger.


Most food processors have three speeds, two or one, together with the pulse speed function that is quite helpful. It’s important to ensure that the food processor you are considering has a pulse function, preferably a one-touch heartbeat button. The pulse function makes sure that you don’t over-procedure your food. For instance, if you touched the “on” button to lightly chop some vegetables for a salsa, it’d keep chopping until you turned it away, maybe resulting in a soupy puree. The beat function stops this from occurring by letting you control the chopping one drive at a time.


Begin small, when budget and expertise are limited. Select a streamlined food processor including the Cuisinart Mini Prep, providing you with an economical and suitable appliance. Determined by your requirements, a 1- 2 or 3 -5 cup size might be satisfactory. You can expand to a larger version later and the little processor would continue to be invaluable in your kitchen.


Many food processors comprise a number of different blades. If a food processor does not contain a blade you need, make sure it can work with one you can buy individually. Alloy blade designs are favored since they do not have to be replaced frequently and hold their sharpness considerably longer than other materials. Here are what they are used and some food processor blade layouts for:

  • S shaped blade: Also called a Sabatier blade, this is actually the fundamental blade for mincing and chopping food. It consists of two little, curved blades ordered on opposite sides of the central column.
  • Shredding disks: These disks contain specialized attributes that let you absolutely shred an array of vegetables.
  • Slicing disks: These specialized blades enable food like cucumbers or carrots to pass through while slicing them into sizes that are consistent.
  • Dough blade: This blade is made from metal or plastic and has straighter paddles used to make dough for pizza and bread.
  • Egg whip: This blade features long, straight paddles which are accustomed to whip on things like cream and eggs until fluffy.
  • French fry and julienne disks: These disks are accustomed to cut food into matchstick-size or French fry-size pieces.
  • A citrus juicer: This really is used to squeeze juice from lemons, oranges, limes and grapefruit.
  • A non-citrus juicer: This attribute does more than simply puree fruits and vegetables. It separates or also sifts the pulp into the bowl’s base.

Features to Look out for when Purchasing a Food Processor

Our food processor reviews are your best sources of information when it comes to figuring out the kind of food mixer that you want to have. It is important that you learn about the features that you must look for in this type of equipment first before you finally make your decision.

Furthermore, these food processor reviews will teach you about how such equipment normally works and what tasks it can perform in order to facilitate you in your daily kitchen activities and most importantly, factors that you need to consider when choosing the best food processor for you.

  • Multi-Functional

If you tend to cook large amounts of food on a daily basis, you need to find a food processor that has a multitude of purposes. For instances, you cannot choose one that is only capable of mixing. You need to find a unit that can grate, blend, slice and dice your food for you. This way, you save more money since you no longer have to buy certain kitchen equipment for each kitchen function.

  • Stainless Steel Blades

Although it may be true that blades made from plastic can be durable and strong, according to food processor reviews, majority of the plastic blades that are being manufactured today do not last for a longer period of time. If you really want to save more money, it is best that you invest in a unit that has been engineered with blades made from stainless steel. This way, your tendencies of having to purchase replacement blades is largely reduced.

  • Dishwasher-Safe

If you still do not own your own dishwasher, this does not really matter. However, if you are part of the majority, who already owns their own dishwasher, you might want to look for this particular feature before you purchase the unit. With a dishwasher, you just have to place your food processor inside when it is time to clean it and just simply take it out once it has already been cleaned.

  • Circular Bowls

Food processor reviews strongly suggest that you pick a unit that has a circular bowl. This circular design will provide you with easier to the entire bowl, thus, making it a lot easier to clean. This way, you can be sure that you are able to wipe off all those sticky ingredients. If you do not want to wipe it, you can easily put this circular bowl inside the dishwasher.

  • Bowls/Cups

It could also be to your advantage if you get a food processor that comes with a set of measuring cups. This way, you can easily measure your ingredients accurately.

  • Cook Books

Although you do not really need this, if you see a model that comes with a book of recipe ideas and is sold at a relatively similar price, then, perhaps, buying the one with the free cook book is the better choice. The cook book will help you get the best out of your new kitchen equipment. In fact, the recipes included will most likely be perfect for the food processor that you have just purchased.

  • Power

Low price is never a good reason for buying a piece of equipment. You need to find a food processor that has the correct volume of power to handle tougher jobs such as blending and chopping different types of raw vegetables.

Buying a cheaper one with a weaker motor will only make you spend for a new one since there is a very big chance that its motor will burn out. The burning out is usually caused by the fact that, since the power is not very strong, you need to run it at a longer period of time.

Why You Should Buy A Food Processor?

Despite being a relatively small piece of kitchen equipment, it is actually one of your most-used kitchen appliances. This only means to say that “size does not matter” when it comes to your food processor. What is important is that it is able to perform the functions that you want it to perform, which was why you decided to purchase it in the first place.

In addition to that, you should a food processor that is tried and tested to be sturdy in order to ensure that your unit will stay functional for many years to come.

Now, if you want a sturdy food processor model enough for constant usage in the kitchen, consider these models which are the most popular and best food processor selling on

Have A Blender So Why Do You Need A Food Processor?

There are significant differences between blenders and food processors, while you can do specific jobs in both. Blenders have a tall, vertical design that usually necessitates adding a liquid ingredient to work and tapers to a smaller underside. A food processor, in the other hand, operates with dry ingredients and will adapt bulkier foods (believe dough bigger veggies,) thanks to a broad, level underside.

A food processor is a whole lot more than simply a mixer. When you use your food processor, you will save dishes, kitchen space and time. Another perk to these food processors is the vast array of colours as well as finishes available. Not only will you create astonishing food; you will also get the choice of matching your food processor to your kitchen that is picture perfect.

Where To Buy A Food Processor

There are many options if you’re thinking about buying a food processor. Of course you can buy it at a local mega-store, like Target or Walmart, but we recommend buying it online at

First of all, Amazon has a huge inventory of different models. In fact you’ll be hard pressed to find a model that they don’t carry. Second, you’ll save a lot of money by shopping on Amazon. We’ve yet to see a product where they don’t have the best price. They also give you free shipping on most purchases, so you’ll definitely save a lot of money.

We’ve been shopping on Amazon for years now, and I’ve never had a problem. They’re a huge, well-known business so you know you can trust them, and they have great customer support too.

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